WPGL is pleased to announce the release of our biggest project yet…

Defenders of Altron

Defenders of Altron is a planetary setting fully compatible with James M. Spahn’s White Star: Galaxy Edition RPG.

…Elsus System

…The Planet of Altron

…The Second Great Age

Discover the vast richness of an alien society which has existed for millennia.

The Altronians, descendants of a refugee faction from one of the original Pinnacle races, are themselves the creators of life, seeding various planets throughout the M83 galaxy.

Uncover legends of old, dig into the truth behind life on Altron, and even delve into political machinations, but beware the Darkness from within.

The Defenders of Altron planetary setting contains a new world, new alien species, new classes, new threats, and a three-part mini-campaign for your game table.

Good citizens and visitors, now is the time to become…


Available now at DriveThruRPG and Lulu.

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