Lodge Talk, the official WPGL podcast.

As a teaser for our upcoming podcast, Lodge Talk, we went ahead and uploaded the intro to the show. You can find it over on our Podcast page. We were fortunate enough to secure the rights to use Ghoultown’s song “Cruel Winds of Dusk” off of their 2008 album, Life After Sundown, as our intro music.

Special thank you to the Count himself, Mister Lyle Blackburn who I worked with in order to secure the rights. If you haven’t listened to the music of Ghoultown, their music is self-described as “devilish mix of punk twang, horror rock, and spaghetti-western flair, Ghoultown is a band known for their unique sound and dark, western image.”

Additionally if you’re into cryptids check out Lyle Blackburn‘s books on things such as the Fouke Monster, and the Bishopville Lizard Man.

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