Aaannnnd, we’re back!

Yeah, you read that right. While we, Wood Planet Gaming Lodge, launched our online presence (website and social media) reasonably well back in 2014, we did end up losing our way a bit before finally going dark. So, jump forward and here we are with a reclaimed vision and desire to see it manifest. So come along with us as we take another crack at this!

My brother and I, your friendly Lodge Masters, have a few ideas warming over the hearth in the main hall. The most obvious is the restarting of the Lodge’s blog which will see the return of some of our classic posts from our defunct first website as well as fresh stuff, but that’s not all. We will be starting a podcast consisting of occasional interviews, actual-plays, and perhaps even some random moments of home-brew chatter. Also, with our combined fifty plus years of role-playing shenanigans and home-brew creations we look forward to releasing some (free and for pay) original tabletop role-playing resources for our favorite systems.

Finally we’re exploring what it would look like to invite you, the reader, into Lodge membership. We will probably utilize Patreon and you could expect the appropriate sort of goodies that we’ve all come to enjoy and appreciate as we support our favorite creators. So please, warm yourself by the fire. Pack a pipe, grab your dice, and pay no mind to the loud thud of heavy footprints and occasional grunt outside the lodge… that’s just the groundskeeper.

May your dice always roll in your favor


Oh yeah, one last thing… be sure follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in order to stay in the loop.