NEW RELEASE: A Timeline of the 17th Century (WPGL / MWH)

On September 5, 2022, MWH and WPGL released A Timeline of the 17th Century.

This release is a timeline of events, both weird and mundane in the 17th century. Primarily meant for Lamentations of the Flame Princess GM’s to use as scenario seeds and quick reference of significant events, but could be used for any historical game.

There are no stats or mechanics so it’s technically system-neutral. (more…)

What Is WPGL?

The moment has arrived as today is the release of Lodge Talk‘s PREMIERE EPISODE!!!

Join Jason and Mark in this episode as they briefly chat about OSR, and then explain what exactly is Wood Planet Gaming Lodge.

Lodge Talk

Lodge Talk, the official WPGL podcast.

As a teaser for our upcoming podcast, Lodge Talk, we went ahead and uploaded the intro to the show. You can find it over on our Podcast page. We were fortunate enough to secure the rights to use Ghoultown’s song “Cruel Winds of Dusk” off of their 2008 album, Life After Sundown, as our intro music. (more…)

WPGL Redux!

Aaannnnd, we’re back!

Yeah, you read that right. While we, Wood Planet Gaming Lodge, launched our online presence (website and social media) reasonably well back in 2014, we did end up losing our way a bit before finally going dark. So, jump forward and here we are with a reclaimed vision and desire to see it manifest. So come along with us as we take another crack at this! (more…)